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Still-Lifes are his Domain
Still-lifes- the clear unspoiled world - are Joachim Bereuters preferred subjects, portraying his natural artistic talent at its best, reflecting his search for sensitive security and expressing a closed untouched sphere.
In accordance with the tradition of photorealism he follows his sense for naturalistical preciseness after grouping his objects into artful compositions. The actual motionless objects are transformed into vivid reality  by being given signs of use, such as a denteted milk can with a dull aluminium gloss or the old enamel bowl with signs of chipping, the mussel-shell or plum with glistening water drops. In this way Bereuter creates illusions in the ancient style of the “Trompe-l`oeil”still-life paintings.
He had to develop the secret of his subtle colour combination and the delicate brush lines by numerous experimental phases all on his own. Initially he painted flowers and landscapes, but the “kick” for still-life art came in 1978 whilst travelling and painting in Spain when a neighbouring fruit farmer left fruit on his glass table top. This “reflecting” still-life captured his mind and he now made use of his well founded colour technique. This was the beginning of his fruit still-life paintings with glasses and blue patterned china bowls reflecting on glass surfaces, thus duplication the images. Without altering his style of “verismus”, he added more day-to-day table objects like books, spectacles, musical notes, teddy bears, and created distinctive trademarks such as a violet-blue plum or a small red rubber band with or without a paper-clip.
By holding exhibitions in “Dagebiehls Fährhaus” or at the “Großlerhaus”, he has further establishesd his position as a “Blankeneser Artist”, he on occasions emphasises this by including typical landscape motives of local surroundings as background into his works of art.
Bereuters decision to concentrate on painting still-lifes was never influences by any particular figure-head or idol, he acquired and developed his talent through constant appraisal oft he work and style oft he old masters like the famous American still-life artist Willliam M. Harnett (1848-92).
His works of art have not only experienced a certain refinement, but also an expansion oft he subject, e.g. by placing a realistic wooden bench with utensiles in the forground of a „suitable“ landscape, such as a field of colourful rape with bordering woodlands. With this kind of creative art one gets the definite feeling that there is  more to come from the artist Joachim Bereuter.








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